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David Holland

David Holland, Host of PlanStrongerTV

David Holland, CPA, CFP®, hosts PlanStrongerTV™, a financial variety program featuring fascinating guests and a wide array of topics – from the psychology of money to retirement planning to estate planning. Make David Holland your source for interesting information that affects your pocketbook and helps you PlanStronger™ for your financial future.

“Hosting my own television show has been a long-standing goal and it’s very exciting to see it coming to fruition. I look forward to teaching people about their money and interviewing well-known, knowledgeable people from all over the country. Our program will truly have a national feel and appeal. Being able to have the visual medium of television to illustrate what we are discussing will be a bonus over radio. Transitioning from PlanStronger™ Radio to PlanStrongerTV™, we hope to reach and help more people.”

- David Holland


Featured Local Episodes

The Psychology of Money and the Happiness Equation

Season 3, Episode 4

Guest: Art Markman, Ph.D.

How much money is enough? It has been said that money does not buy happiness, but that does not stop us Americans from trying! David Holland and Art Markman discuss the psychology of money and the "Happiness Equation".

Financial Mistakes We Make with Our Kids

Season 3, Episode 8

Guest: Laura Scharr-Bykowsky, CFP®

David Holland and Laura Scharr Bykowsky, two Certified Financial Planner Practitioners, discuss common money mistakes we make with our children and how we can do a better job at instilling good financial habits.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Season 4, Episode 5

Guest: Paul Rice, Esq., Managing Partner, The Rice Law Firm

Prominent divorce attorney, Paul Rice, and David Holland discuss the process of hiring a divorce attorney.

  • Finding a good attorney
  • Evaluating whether an attorney is right for you
  • Understanding the payment process